Bank Statement Mortgage

Redefining Homeownership With Bank Statement Mortgages

Empowering the Self-Employed through Tailored Mortgage Solutions

Minimum Credit Score


Maximum Debt To Income


Maximum Loan To Value


Maximum Loan Amount

Pros of Bank Statement Mortgages


No Tax Returns Needed

For a variety of reasons this is a big relief for some of our clients, especially the self employed.

Easier Underwriting

Underwriting criteria are a lot more forgiving for Bank Statement Loans.


The higher interest is easier to swallow when you learn that there is no PMI regardless of LTV.

Cons of Bank Statement Mortgages


Higher Cost Loan

Even after factoring PMI savings the payment will likely be higher than a comparable Conventional Loan.

Higher % Down

A bank statement mortgage requires a minimun of 10% down with a credit score over 700. % down increases as credit score drops.

Key Issues That Will Get Early Attention

Try Conventional
With the way we're set up it's easy to check Traditional and Specialty programs simultaneously. If we can save you money we will.
Identify Income
What we count is valid deposits. It's best to send it in to the underwritter and have them confirm so 100% confident in the information and you can move forward confidently.
Analyze Credit
Aside from the typical qualification, we're looking for errors, innacuracies and rapid re-score opportunities to optimize your credit score so we can find the best terms.
Discuss Mortgage Strategy
If you qualify for a conventional loan it means you paid a lot more in taxes. We'll discuss what you would have to do to qualify for conventional financing so can prepare for a future refinance if it makes sense to do so.

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