Fix and Flip Real Estate Investor Loan

Transforming Potential into Profits with Fix & Flip Loans

Tailored Financing for Investors Focused on Property Renovation

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Innovative Mortgage acknowledges the apprehensions that can arise within the fix-and-flip financing realm, particularly due to the presence of less-reputable brokers and the wide variance in lending terms across different private lenders. We understand the importance of trust and transparency when it comes to these types of real estate investment loans that often come with higher interest rates and less regulation due to their business purpose nature.

Navigating Fix & Flip Financing with Innovative Mortgage:

  • Competitive Analysis: With our access to over 100 sources of capital, including many that specialize in fix-and-flip loans, we’re in a unique position to shop around and secure the most competitive quotes for our clients.
  • Tailored Solutions: We cater to both seasoned and first-time fix-and-flip investors by offering a range of products, including lines of credit designed to make the investment process more efficient.
  • Focus on Real Estate Investors: Our passion for supporting real estate investors is reflected in our dedication to finding you the best financing options for your projects.
  • Experience Over Credit Scoring: We understand that, particularly in the fix-and-flip market, experience and a track record of successful projects can be as significant, if not more so, than a high credit score.

Benefits of Working with Innovative Mortgage for Your Fix & Flip Projects:

  • Expertise in Investment Financing: Our team has a strong interest and expertise in real estate investment, positioning us to better understand your needs and goals.
  • Custom Financing Structures: Whether it’s lines of credit for recurring investments or one-time loans for individual projects, we tailor our financing structures to suit your strategy.
  • Big-Picture Focus: We look beyond basic credit scores and consider the entirety of your investment profile, including your experience and portfolio, to secure fitting financing options.
  • Market Awareness: We keep our finger on the pulse of the ever-changing real estate market, enabling us to anticipate shifts and adapt our loan offerings to serve you best.

Aligning Your Investments with the Right Financing:

At Innovative Mortgage, we’re not just looking to provide a loan; we’re aiming to establish a partnership that supports your ongoing investment success. We treat each client’s investment aspirations with the attention and respect they deserve, ensuring that you’re not just getting a loan but the right loan for your fix-and-flip venture.

Contact Innovative Mortgage to discuss your fix-and-flip financing needs. Let’s work together to propel your real estate investments forward with the rock-bottom best quotes and financial products designed for your success.

Pros of Fix and Flip Loans


No Personal Income Verification

Loan approval is based on the property's after-repair value, not your personal income.

Funds for Purchase and Renovation

Loan can cover both the purchase and renovation of the property.

Short-term Loan

Perfect for the short timeline of a fix and flip project.

Cons of Fix and Flip Loans


Higher Interest Rates

Fix and Flip loans often have higher interest rates than conventional mortgages.

Requires Experienced Investor

Lenders typically require borrowers to have some experience in property flipping.

Key Issues That Will Get Early Attention

Analyze Investment Strategy
We'll evaluate your project's potential for profit to determine loan eligibility.
Understand Interest Rates
We'll ensure you fully comprehend the cost implications of higher interest rates.
Consider Timeline
We'll review the timeline of your project to ensure a Fix and Flip loan is the right fit.
Evaluate Experience
We'll assess your experience in flipping properties to help secure loan approval.