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We Secure the Best Mortgage for YOU, Not the Lenders

...even if you think you won't qualify, feel overwhelmed by the mortgage process, and doubt that there's a perfect loan waiting for you because you can't trust anyone in the mortgage business.

đź”’Does not Affect Credit. No SSN until you’re ready.

You need a tenacious loan officer who has obsessively over-prepared and knows every single trick in the book to secure the ideal mortgage for your unique situation

..If you get it right.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer convinced you won’t qualify, a seasoned homeowner scarred by past mortgage experiences, a real estate investor seeking to expand your portfolio, or a commercial property owner in need of a tailored financing solution…

If you’re not getting the best possible deal with the least amount of stress… What’s the point?

The perfect mortgage or financing option tailored to your unique needs doesn’t simply appear when you submit an application, especially in a market where lenders are laser-focused on their bottom line and loan officers are limited by the products they can offer.

To seamlessly guide you from “hello” to “home sweet home” or “investment property acquired,” you need a loan officer with the perfect blend of tenacity, integrity, and strategic flexibility. And that’s where most Florida borrowers, investors, and commercial property owners get stuck.

Because even if you find a lender who promises the world, if they can’t move the needle when things go wrong in underwriting or don’t have the expertise to navigate complex investment or commercial deals, you’ll be left high and dry, forced to start the process all over again. Ouch.

We’ve all been there:

  • Cringing at the thought of being left in the lurch by a lender who can’t deliver on your unique residential, investment, or commercial needs
  • Scrambling to find a new lender and extend deadlines when unfixable surprises arise, jeopardizing your deals and your bottom line
  • Enviously eyeing competitors’ growing portfolios that you just know they secured with the help of a savvy and adaptable mortgage pro

So you roll up your sleeves, determined to navigate the Miami mortgage maze yourself. But then it hits you — how the heck do you actually find a loan officer with the flexibility and expertise to handle any curve ball thrown your way, whether residential, investment, or commercial?

Suddenly, the idea of trusting your financial future and investment success to a one-size-fits-all lender seems riskier than ever.

Before you know it, you’re deep in DIY hell, pulling your hair out at 2am over an overwhelming sea of mortgage options…just praying to the real estate gods that you’ll find a loan officer with the resources and adaptability to make your dreams a reality.

Sound familiar?

I call it…

"The Deal-Destroying Mortgage Catch-22"

Because even if you become savvy enough to navigate the mortgage maze, but your lender can’t deliver when it matters most…

There’s no deal to close.

And if you have the most impressive financial profile and the sharpest strategy in the world, but you can’t find a loan officer with the flexibility and expertise to bring it all together…

You’ll never get the keys to your dream home or investment property.

I see this dilemma halt borrowers, investors, and commercial property owners dead in their tracks all the time.

But when you work with a loan officer who follows time-tested and strategic formulas for crafting tailored, effective mortgage solutions…

Expertly navigates the lending landscape to coach you toward your homeownership or investment goals…

All of a sudden–you’ll transform your mortgage journey from just another stressful experience to a powerful partnership, addressing your unique needs and desires.

Because at the end of the day,

the borrower with the best loan officer wins.

And that is exactly what you'll find when working with me…

A Mortgage Partner Who Fights for You and is Unusually Prepared For The Unexpected

Clear, concise, and tailored guidance to secure the perfect financing solution, no matter your unique situation.

Everything you need to achieve your residential, investment, or commercial property goals without the lending headaches, qualification anxiety, or unnecessary costs…

Even if the mortgage process seems daunting, time is tight, and everyone around you is content with the status quo.


When you partner with me, you’re not just another file on a lender’s desk. You’re a valued client with unique needs, and I’m here to ensure those needs are met every step of the way.

đź”’Does not Affect Credit. No SSN until you’re ready.

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Here's what you get when you apply with Lightning Loans by Innovative Mortgage

1. Unparalleled Access to Mortgage Options With a Single Application

With a single application, we’ll comparison shop thousands of loan programs across hundreds of lenders. 

This includes conventional loans at 130 different sources, FHA loans at 130 different sources, and even bank statement or no tax return options. If a mortgage product exists, we have access to it.

No more wondering if you’re getting the best deal – we’ll make sure of it.

2. Expert Guidance and Outstanding Communication

With over two decades of experience working with clients, I’ve developed a keen sense of what my clients need and when they need it. 

It’s almost like having a psychic connection!

I pride myself on putting my clients first and providing outstanding communication throughout the entire mortgage process.

3. A Faster, Easier Path to Perfect Mortgage Loans For Your Specific Situation

Say goodbye to the headaches and hassles of traditional mortgage processes. 

With Lightning Loans, you’ll enjoy a streamlined, efficient journey that gets you to your goals faster and with less stress.

You’ve got enough to worry about, let us put your mind at ease with regard to your mortgage financing.

We only request the things that are absolutely necessary 

4. The Peace of Mind Knowing You've Made the Right Choice Because You've Seen ALL Your Options

When you work with Lightning Loans, you’re not just getting a mortgage –

You’re getting a partner who is committed to your success.

We’ll go above and beyond to ensure that you’ve made the best possible choice for your unique situation.

These might just seem like words on a page but one conversation with us and it will be abudantly clear to we walk our talk.


ask us

The real answer is “it depends on your unique situation.”

First time home buyers who ask this question first often have a nagging concern that they do not have enough, that they need to save up more and that homeownership is something that needs to be postponed into the future because of this lack of funds.

but most undervalue their current position…

First Time Home Buyers are being given the world right now.

There is a multitude of Down Payment Assistance Programs, Grants, 2nd Mortgage with no payments in lieu of of a down payment.

If you’re income is at 80% of the MSA, you’re going to qualify for most programs.

And in some counties 80% of the MSA is a surprisingly high income.

at the other end of the spectrum…

Real Estate Investors who ask this question first are often looking for no money down programs to purchase flips or rentals.

There are no zero down deals for Real Estate Investors.

It’s a program that doesn’t exist.

If you look hard enough you will find people that say they can do it.

Every one of those programs I’ve seen are a con, please be careful.

Investors or “Non Owner Occupied” should plan for 25% of the purchase price if you have 15% it’s worth a conversation but it would depend on a few things.

The lowest down payment would be buying 1 – 4 Units and living in one of the units while renting out the rest.

Owner occupied loan cost significantly less because you’re home is the last thing you’ll let go of if financial disaster strikes.

Technically, there is a way to do it on Commercial Real Estate. 

You can, technically, finance up to 100% CLTV if the seller is willing to hold a large SECOND Mortgage. 

But its highly unlikely that any seller would accept the terms… it would be crazy to hold a large second mortgage when you can just sell to someone else.

If it’s your dad or an uncle or someone close, they may do it.

Most people are somewhere in the middle of these two extremes.

If you have a lot to put down we’ll do a cost analysis. 

Something you can reflect on while you shop for a home and decide how much to keep in the bank.

Maybe we do a HELOC Second so you always have access to a portion of the equity.

Or Look at 10 – 20 Year Options so you can pay if off as soon as possible.

If you don’t have a lot to put down there are some Grants and Down Payment Assistance Programs that I can very quickly determine your eligibility for.

We also have to remember about closing costs. 

That other lender may have told you 5% down but did they mention closing costs?

Technically, closing costs and down payment are two different things.

In Florida closing costs are roughly 4% if the purchase price plus the cost of prepaids and points, if you choose to buy down the rate.

It’s one of those double talk marketing word games that we at Lightning Loans refuse to play.

I know what you mean when you say down payment and I’ll always provide a complete answer.

All these words to say what I really mean:

It depends… 

With a bit of info I can give a lot of answers, fill out this form and let’s get started.

  1. Needs Analysis
  2. Application
  3. Loan Offer/ Disclosures
  4. Underwriting
  5. Stipulations
  6. Closing Disclosures
  7. Funding
  8. Stand by until Im needed again…

That’s for those who got through the Down Payment Section… some questions don’t have direct answers because of the vastness of our offerings…

This one does have a direct answer… Total Time for entire process is 21 – 45 Days depending on the loan type and how quickly we recieve documentation after it’s requested.

The most accurate information will come if you provide 2 years Tax Returns, Recent Pay Stub, Bank Statements and Retirement Account Statements

But the newer laws in the mortgage industry state that I am to assume that the Residential Mortgage Application is 100% correct and provide a Loan Estimate based off of only app info.

To Apply, you don’t need any documentation.

Once we get to processing/ underwriting that’s when documentation request start coming in.

It can be a little overwhelming but, no worries, we’re here to help.

Our online portal makes it very easy to stay organized.

You’ll drag an drop a few times and be done with it.

The timeline can vary depending on factors such as the type of loan, the complexity of your situation, and how quickly you provide the necessary documents.

On average, the process typically takes 21-45 days from application to closing.

We’ll work efficiently to ensure a timely closing while keeping you informed every step of the way.

Mortgage rates can fluctuate daily and depend on various factors, such as your credit score, loan-to-value ratio, and the type of loan you choose.

We work with over 130 lenders to secure the most competitive rates for our clients.

Complete our application, and we’ll provide you with a personalized rate quote based on your unique situation.

Yes, we offer a variety of refinancing options to help you lower your monthly payments, reduce your interest rate, or access your home’s equity.

Whether you’re looking for a rate-and-term refinance or a cash-out refinance, we can help you find the best solution for your needs.