You Can't Buy Groceries With Interest Rate

Lower Your Monthly Debt Payments and Give Yourself Room To Breathe

Refinancing made effortless with Lightning Loans. From eliminating PMI and reducing your rate to cashing out, you've chosen the perfect spot. Let's get started.

🔒Does not Affect Credit. No SSN until you’re ready.

Rate and Term Refinance

Lower Your Payment or Pay Off Your Home Faster

We’re only interested in refinancing if there is a clear benefit to you and your financial life. If it doesn’t help you, what would be the point?


Cash Out or Pay Off Debt While Keeping Your First Mortgage

If you want to keep your ultra low 1st mortgage rate but still want to access your equity


Pay Off Debt or Tackle a Home Renovation Project

Which option is more in line with your immidiate needs and medium term goals?

With 1 Application,130 Mortgage Lenders Will Compete For Your Business

Unlock unparalleled opportunities with a single application. Dive into a competitive marketplace where 130 top-tier mortgage lenders vie to offer you the best terms, ensuring you get the deal you deserve. It’s not just about choice; it’s about empowering you with the best options available.

🔒Does not Affect Credit. No SSN until you’re ready.

Compare For Yourself

Explore the difference that sets us apart in the financial world. See how our innovative services and unmatched benefits distinguish us from the competition, ensuring you make an informed choice.

Lightning Loans
Local Bank Branch
Big Name Online Lenders
Shops Hundreds of Lenders
Scans Thousands of Programs To Find You The Best Available
Is Loyal to Borrowers and Not Lenders
Has No Tax Return Mortgage Options
Multiple JUMBO LOAN Options
Multiple 100% Financing Options for First Time Home Buyers
Can Do Hard Money, Bridge Financing and Other Unique Funding Types

🔒No Credit Pull, No Obligation.

Experts at your service.

Meet the experts committed to providing you with exceptional financial solutions


Andres Garcia

Loan Officer

Dedicated, high energy real estate expert that is adept at working with investors and traditional borrowers.

Your Contact

Andrew Kashella

Senior Vice President

Mortgage Industry veteran responsible for thousands of loan originations and billions in closings.


Bryan P. Ehrlich

CEO/General Counsel

Founder, Juris Doctor and Lead Counsel for Innovative Mortgage Services.


Application Process

How does your service streamline the mortgage application process?

We have a fully digital online application process that will make streamline your experience. If you are not good with technology or prefer a human touch a loan officer is standing by to guide you on this journey.


Approval Process

How do you ensure I get the best mortgage option for my needs?

Once we have a completed mortgage application our technology will allow us to shop hundreds of lenders and thousands of loan programs. We call it a "Pricing Engine" and it allows us to consitently beat the big guys and local banks saving you thousands of dollars in the process.


Down Payments

How much down payment do I need to get a mortgage?

The answer to this question will vary depending on all the ciurcumstances. For example, if you are a 1st time home buyer with an income 120% or less of the median income for your area... there are 4 or 5 different ways to do it with 0% down. Click the button give us a bit of info and we can give you more accurate info specific to your situation,


Pre Approval

Do I need a lot of paperwork to get pre-approved?

Absolutely not! We can give you a very good idea without ANY paperwork or even pulling credit. We strongly recommed that you click the button on this page a submit an inquiry form so we can provide a quote tailored to you and your circumstances.


Not answered above?

If you would rather talk to a human and get your questions answers directly click the button below and give us a call.

A Few Of Our 100+ Funding Partners. May The Best Win...

Empower Your Mortgage Journey with Us

Discover the Advantage: Seamless, Personalized, and Empowering Mortgage Solutions Tailored to Your Unique Needs.

🔒No Credit Pull, No Obligation.

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