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For investors and business owners focused on cash-flowing commercial real estate, including apartment buildings and self-storage facilities, Innovative Mortgage is proud to offer our DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) loan program. This financial product is designed to streamline the borrowing process, focusing on the cash flow generated by the property rather than the personal income of the borrower.

Essentials of Innovative Mortgage’s DSCR Loan Program:

Versatile Use Cases:

  • Suitable for purchasing new commercial properties or refinancing existing ones, the DSCR program is versatile and adaptable to your strategic investment plans.

Unlimited Cash-Out:

  • With typically no cap on cash-out, borrowers can unlock the equity in their property for nearly any purpose, from property improvements to expanding their investment portfolio.

Simplified Qualification Process:

  • Qualification for a DSCR loan relies primarily on the property’s income-generating ability, measured by the Debt Service Coverage Ratio, which compares the property’s annual net operating income (NOI) to its annual mortgage debt service.
  • Minimum DSCR requirements vary, and Innovative Mortgage will work with you to determine the necessary ratio for your loan scenario.

Reduced Documentation:

  • This program often requires less documentation than traditional loans, providing a more streamlined application process with fewer hurdles and faster closings.

Flexible Lending Criteria:

  • Innovative Mortgage understands that each commercial investment is unique. Hence, our DSCR program offers flexible criteria to accommodate various property types and borrower situations.

Applicable Property Types:

  • The DSCR loan program is suitable for a broad range of commercial properties, including multifamily apartment buildings, self-storage facilities, retail spaces, office buildings, and more.

How a DSCR Loan Can Benefit You:

With the focus on the income your property generates, a DSCR loan can be easier to qualify for, especially if your personal income documentation does not meet traditional lending standards. This loan program can be particularly beneficial for:

  • Investors looking to expand their real estate holdings.
  • Owners of stabilized properties seeking competitive refinance options.
  • Borrowers requiring a quicker, less document-intensive loan process.

Getting Started with Your DSCR Loan:

If you have a cash-flowing commercial property and believe a DSCR loan could be the right fit for your financial needs, Innovative Mortgage is here to help. Our team is equipped to provide detailed information about our DSCR program and assist you in evaluating the best financing strategy for your property.

Contact Innovative Mortgage today to explore the possibilities with our DSCR Loan program, and let us help you leverage your commercial property’s cash flow to its fullest potential.

Pros of DSCR Commercial Loans


Quick Closings

Our DSCR Commercial Loans close quickly, saving you time and hassle.

Minimal Paperwork

Enjoy a streamlined application process with reduced paperwork.

Competitive Pricing

Our DSCR Commercial Loans offer competitive pricing that's close to conventional loans.

Cons of DSCR Commercial Loans


DSCR Requirement

The property's DSCR must meet certain requirements, which can be a challenge for some projects.

Variable LTV

The maximum LTV can vary depending on the property and other factors.

Key Issues That Will Get Early Attention

Understand DSCR
We'll help you understand DSCR and its impact on your loan approval and terms.
Evaluate Property Cash Flow
We'll assess the cash flow of your commercial property to ensure it meets the DSCR requirements.
Review Loan Terms
We'll ensure you fully understand the loan terms, including how variations in LTV can impact your loan.
Discuss Financial Strategy
We'll work with you to discuss your overall financial strategy and how a DSCR Commercial Loan fits into that.