Cape Coral – Fort Myers MSA Real Estate Update – March 2024

As spring unfolds, the Cape Coral – Fort Myers real estate market presents a mix of trends that are worth noting for potential homebuyers and sellers alike. The latest data for March 2024 reflects a market that’s undergoing subtle shifts, with some numbers up from the previous year and others showing a slight decline. Let’s dive into the numbers to get a clearer picture of the current market.

A Glance at Closed Sales

The month saw a total of 1,439 single-family homes sold, marking a 3.3% increase from the same time last year. This rise suggests a steady demand for homes in the area, which continues to attract residents with its picturesque coastlines, thriving job market, and an enviable quality of life.

Understanding the Dollar Volume

The total dollar volume of sales reached $829 million, a modest uptick of 0.6% from last year. While this increase isn’t as dramatic as the rise in closed sales, it indicates that the market value of homes is keeping pace with the number of transactions.

Median Sale Price Shows a Decrease

One of the more intriguing figures is the median sale price of $418,000, which has seen a decrease of 4.3% since last year. For prospective buyers, this dip in prices could signal a more accessible market. Conversely, sellers may need to adjust their expectations and pricing strategies in light of this change.

New Listings on the Market

March introduced 2,040 new listings to the market, down 0.9% from last year. This slight reduction in new inventory could be a factor in the increased closed sales; with fewer new options available, buyers might be moving quickly to secure existing homes for sale.

Active Inventory Surges

Perhaps the most notable trend is the 75% surge in active inventory compared to last year, with 7,376 homes available. This significant increase offers more choices for buyers and may lead to more competitive pricing among sellers.

New Pending Sales Reflecting Growth

Finally, new pending sales—homes that are under contract but haven’t yet closed—have risen by 4.2%, with 1,666 homes poised to change hands. This growth aligns with the rise in closed sales and suggests that the market remains active, with a healthy pipeline of transactions.

What Does This Mean for You?

For buyers, the current market conditions provide a mixed bag of opportunities. The increase in active inventory combined with a slight drop in median sale prices could mean more options and bargaining power. However, with closed sales and pending sales on the rise, acting swiftly when you find the right home is still crucial.

Sellers might face a bit more challenge due to the increased competition and slight dip in median prices. Yet, with the market showing healthy activity levels, pricing your home correctly and marketing it effectively are key to attracting serious offers.


The Cape Coral – Fort Myers real estate market in March 2024 shows a dynamic landscape, balancing out increased inventory and sales activity with a slight moderation in prices and new listings. Whether you’re buying or selling, staying informed and working with a knowledgeable real estate professional can help you navigate this market effectively.

For personalized advice and assistance, reach out to local experts like Andres Garcia of CitySide Investments Inc. With a finger on the pulse of Cape Coral – Fort Myers’ real estate, professionals like Andres can provide the insights and guidance you need for your property journey.

Stay tuned for next month’s update as we continue to track the trends and transformations in this vibrant coastal market.

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