Florida Housing Finance Corporation (FHFC) FL First Bond Loan

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Credit Score Requirements

Minimum Credit Score: 640 Manufactured Homes – 660 minimum FICO FHA: 660 or lower FHA/CONV: 680/50% DTI Minimum score of 640 required no matter AUS response. Averaging middle scores to meet 640 requirement will not be accepted. Must meet agency, insurer and master servicer requirements.

Deferred Payments?

Accepted First Mortgage Type:

Fannie Mae HFA Preferred, FHA 203(b), USDA / RD

Homeowners Education Class:


Is Forgivable?


67 Counties Available statewide in Florida.

Income Limitations:

Yes, based on Compliance Income (including household income) Income limits from Agency-defined 2022 guidelines Income over 80% AMI is NOT available with the HFA Advantage for Bond.

Maximum Assistance

Education Requirements Info:

First-Time Homebuyers must complete a Program-approved, in-person or online, PREPURCHASE, homebuyer education course. The Homebuyer Education course must satisfy standards defined by Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or the National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling. Post-closing education is absolutely unacceptable. Education provided by a mortgage insurance (MI) company is acceptable. Please note: Lender is responsible for ensuring that the MI provider’s course being offered through the MI provider (directly or through a partnered course provider) meets the standards as directed above as not all MI courses satisfy HUD or National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling. Certificates of completion are acceptable for 2 years from the date of completion. All borrower(s), and spouse, even if spouse is not on the loan. Any party appearing on the deed would need to attend. (Unless qualifying under the Veterans Exemption or purchasing in a Targeted Area.)

Eligible Property Types:

Single Family Detached Condo Manufactured Home Modular Home

Income By Household Size:

HH1-2HH3-8 $117,875$123,000 *Income limits as of 05/03/2023

Qualifying Ratios:

Housing Ratio: — Total DTI: Up To 50% FHA/USDA RD: 45% FHA/CONV: 50%/680 FICO FHA/USDA RD/FNMA Manufactured: 45% FHA/FNMA Manual Underwriting: 43% Must meet agency, insurer and master servicer requirements.
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