Habitat for Humanity Greater Orlando and Osceola Down Payment Assistance

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Contact Info:

https://habitatorlandoosceola.org 4116 Silver Star Road, Orlando, FL 32808 407-648-4567


Only available for Habitat owned properties. Must live or work in Orange County or Osceola County to be eligible. Homebuyer must presently reside in housing that is substandard in some way or inadequate due to any of the following – housing not maintained by the landlord, cost-burdened, overcrowded housing, temporary housing, etc. Living in subsidized housing does not preclude a family from consideration. Agency loan documents are prepared by agency and agency loan funding is funded by agency. There is no Pre-Purchase Property Inspection Required. Must not have any unpaid non-medical charge-offs on your credit report. Must not have not declared bankruptcy in the last 24 months. The agency does accept lender’s u/w decision. The Agency’s loan does not require resale restrictions or covenants intended by the Agency to survive foreclosure by a senior lien holder (“run with the land”). The term of the Agency’s loan is at least as long as that of the first mortgage. The DPA program does not limit the fees on the first mortgage. This program doesn’t qualify as a Freddie Mac Affordable program. This program doesn’t qualify as a Fannie Mae Community Second. The Non-Profit location is not on the FHA Approved Non-Profit list so the funds cannot go toward the Borrower’s MRI.

Credit Score Requirements

Minimum Credit Score: 650 Have a minimum credit score of 650. Alternative lines of credit may be considered if an applicant does not have credit scores.

Deferred Payments?


Accepted First Mortgage Type:

Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, FHA 203(b), VA

Homeowners Education Class:


Is Forgivable?


2 Counties: Orange, Osceola Property must be a Habitat owned property and located in their service area: Greater Orlando & Osceola County areas, primarily within the City of Orlando, Osceola County and parts of Orange County (with the exception of Winter Park, Maitland, Apopka, Winter Garden, and Oakland which are covered by other Habitat affiliates).

Income Limitations:

Yes, based on Compliance Income (including household income) Income limits from HUD 2022 120% AMI guidelines The total household income must fall within a predetermined range according to the number of people in the family. This is to ensure that the new homeowners will be able to pay the low monthly mortgage payment, which includes escrows such as taxes, insurance and possible HOA. NOTE:The Max end of the income limit is 120% AMI, this will be the income limits reflected in our program model (2022 income limits are in effect).

Maximum Assistance

There is no preset maximum assistance amount. Program provides an affordable mortgage, ensuring mortgage and escrow payments do not exceed 30% of a homeowner’s monthly income.

Education Requirements Info:


Eligible Property Types:

Single Family Detached Condo Townhome/PUD

Income By Household Size:

HH1HH2HH3HH4HH5HH6HH7HH8 $69,720$79,680$89,640$99,480$107,520$115,440$123,360$131,400 *Income limits as of 05/11/2023

Qualifying Ratios:

Housing Ratio: Up To 30% Total DTI: Up To 45% The total of monthly debt payments (including estimated mortgage payment) cannot exceed 45% of gross income (based on credit history, some borrowers may have a maximum debt ratio of 36%).
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