LoanStream Mortgage (LSM) FHA MaxOne Plus Down Payment Assistance (DPA)

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Contact Info: 19000 MacArthur Blvd, Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92612


Credit Score Requirements

Minimum Credit Score: 600 Must meet FHA credit standards per Handbook 4000.1. Borrower whose only credit history is built from ā€˜Authorized Userā€™ account is not eligible.

Deferred Payments?


Accepted First Mortgage Type:

FHA 203(b), FHA 234(c)

Homeowners Education Class:


Is Forgivable?


47 States Available across the nation except for MA, ME, NY and WA.

Income Limitations:


Maximum Assistance

3.5% of Purchase Price Up to 3.5% of the Sales Price or Appraised Value, lesser of. AZ & SC: Minimum 2nd TD Loan Amount of $5,000.00

Education Requirements Info:

At least one borrower must receive housing counseling from a HUD-approved non-profit housing counseling agency prior to closing/Note date.

Eligible Property Types:

Single Family Detached Condo Townhome/PUD Manufactured Home

Income By Household Size:


Qualifying Ratios:

Follow AUS findings.