McKinsey & Company Housing Loan Program

Special Alert

Program detail limited due to lack of online resources and/or contact with program provider. Program limited to eligible employees of McKinsey & Company.

Maximum Purchase Price


Contact Info:



Must be an eligible McKinsey consultants with less than 7 years of tenure. Eligible consultants include Associates, Engagement Managers, Practice Associates, Practice Engagement Managers, Practice Specialists, Practice Experts, and Associate Principals. Business Analysts and Practice Analysts are not eligible.

Credit Score Requirements

Minimum Credit Score: 620 Based on 1st Mortgage Guidelines

Deferred Payments?

Affordability Period: 5 years Forgiveness Increment: 20% per year Forgiven Portion: 100%

Accepted First Mortgage Type:

Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, FHA 203(b), VA, USDA / RD

Homeowners Education Class:

Is Forgivable?

5-year, deferred, forgivable loan.


51 States Program available nationwide.

Income Limitations:


Maximum Assistance

$100,000 The maximum benefit is based on tenure: $100k for 0-3 years of tenure, $75k for 4-6 years of tenure.

Education Requirements Info:

Please contact program provider

Eligible Property Types:

Single Family Detached Condo Townhome/PUD

Income By Household Size:

Determined by first mortgage product or lender.

Qualifying Ratios:

Determined by first mortgage product or lender.
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