Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation Down Payment Program

Special Alert

Applicant or co-applicant must be a qualified tribal member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation. Program is available Nationwide.

Maximum Purchase Price

Inquire for Details

Contact Info:

https://www.pbpindiantribe.com/ 8273 156TH LANE, Mayetta, KS 66509 (785)966-2756


If funding has been received for this down payment program, Past, Present or Future: If the Closing/Settlement Statement is not received, the $10,000 down payment received from this program is subject to a refund and will be recorded as a “DEBT” owed to PBPNHD. The eligibility date to reapply for ANY Housing Service, will not begin until this document is received by the program’s specialist. If the recipient of this award sells the home within three (3) years from the completion date, the recipient will be required to reimburse the PBPN a prorated amount contingent upon the date the home is sold. The prorated amount will be determined by PBPN at their discretion.

Credit Score Requirements

Minimum Credit Score: 620

Deferred Payments?

Accepted First Mortgage Type:

Freddie Mac, Freddie Mac Home Possible, Fannie Mae, Fannie Mae HomeReady, FHA 203(b), HUD Section 184 (tribal), VA

Homeowners Education Class:


Is Forgivable?


51 States Program is available nationwide.

Income Limitations:

Yes (including household income) Income limits from HUD 2022 80% AMI guidelines

Maximum Assistance

$10,000 This program provides up $10,000 for eligible, tribal members towards homeownership.

Education Requirements Info:

Applicant(s) will be required to participate in an approved homebuyer education program prior to commitment of the award or loan. Contact Program Provider for Homebuyer Education Center Referrals.

Eligible Property Types:

Single Family Detached Manufactured Home

Income By Household Size:

HH1HH2HH3HH4HH5HH6HH7HH8 $63,000$72,000$81,000$90,000$97,200$104,400$111,600$118,800 *Income limits as of 05/18/2023

Qualifying Ratios:

Determined by first mortgage product or lender.
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