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In addition to the 1099 Mortgage program, Innovative Mortgage also offers P&L (Profit and Loss) Only Loans for business owners and self-employed individuals. This specialized loan program caters to those who may not have a complete set of income documentation traditionally required by lenders.

Features of the P&L Only Loan Program:

Tailored Income Verification:

  • To qualify for a P&L Only Loan, borrowers can provide a Profit and Loss statement, which must be prepared by a certified accountant or a third-party verifier, to demonstrate their business’s financial performance.

Ideal for Entrepreneurs:

  • This program is designed for self-employed borrowers whose net income may not be accurately reflected on tax returns due to various business deductions and write-offs.

Flexible Credit Consideration:

  • Innovative Mortgage understands that credit histories may be complex for self-employed individuals. We offer loan solutions that take into account the complete financial picture, beyond just a credit score.

Program Requirements:

  • Borrowers are typically required to show a Profit and Loss statement for the most recent 12 months, along with business bank statements that support the P&L reported earnings.
  • A track record of self-employment, usually for at least two years, is necessary to establish credibility and financial stability.

Diverse Loan Types:

  • Whether you’re seeking a loan for a primary residence, second home, or investment property, Innovative Mortgage’s P&L Only Loans offer diverse options to meet your financing needs.

Streamlined Loan Process:

  • Our team is skilled at working with self-employed individuals and understands the intricacies of non-traditional income. We aim to make the loan process as quick and straightforward as possible.

Advantages of P&L Only Loans with Innovative Mortgage:

The P&L Only Loan program at Innovative Mortgage provides an alternative route to mortgage qualification for business owners and self-employed professionals, ensuring that your entrepreneurial efforts are recognized when seeking property financing.

Start Your Application Process Now:

If the P&L Only Loan program seems like the right fit for your mortgage needs, we encourage you to start the conversation with Innovative Mortgage. Our experienced loan officers are prepared to guide you through the qualification process and help secure the financing you need based on your business’s financial health.

Reach out to Innovative Mortgage today to discuss your options under the P&L Only Loan program and take a significant step forward in your journey towards homeownership or property investment.

Pros of P&L Only Loans


Simplified Documentation

No need to collect extensive financial documents. Your Profit and Loss statement is what matters.

Friendly for Business Owners

Tailored to the needs of business owners and self-employed professionals.

Quick and Efficient

Our P&L Only Loan process is quick and efficient, helping you close in record time.

Cons of P&L Only Loans


Higher Cost

Compared to conventional loans, P&L Only Loans may have slightly higher costs.

Potential Prepayment Penalty

Although fully disclosed and optional, opting out of a prepayment penalty may slightly increase the cost.

Key Issues That Will Get Early Attention

Determine Eligibility
Let's review your Profit and Loss statement to verify your eligibility for a P&L Only Loan.
Understand Income Calculation
We'll explain how we calculate your income based on your Profit and Loss statement.
Prepare Necessary Documentation
We'll guide you through gathering the necessary documentation for a smooth application process.
Explore Your Options
Let's look at all your loan options to find the one that fits best with your financial situation.