Tampa – St. Petersburg – Clearwater MSA Real Estate Insights – March 2024

Market Overview

Navigating through the real estate market can often feel like sailing in the open sea, and the Tampa – St. Petersburg – Clearwater MSA is no exception. With its picturesque views and burgeoning economy, it’s a market that garners considerable interest from buyers and sellers alike. The March 2024 real estate statistics provide valuable bearings for those looking to navigate these waters.

A Dip in Closed Sales

The month of March saw 3,480 closed sales of single-family homes, marking a 13% decrease from last year. This could indicate a cooling off from previous high tides of sales activity, perhaps giving more negotiating power to buyers in the market.

Dollar Volume Trends Downward

The total dollar volume also trended downwards to $1.8 billion, a decrease of 4.9% from last year. While this might reflect the lower number of closed sales, it’s also a signal for sellers to price their homes competitively to attract buyers in a changing market.

Median Sale Price Shows Resilience

Despite these downward trends, the median sale price showed resilience and even growth, ticking up by 3.8% to $410,000. This suggests that while fewer homes are selling, the value of homes that do sell may be on the rise.

New Listings Increase

Interestingly, the market saw a substantial increase in new listings, with 4,726 homes entering the market, up 15% from the previous year. This influx provides a wider selection for buyers and indicates that many homeowners are seizing the opportunity to sell.

A Surge in Active Inventory

Perhaps the most striking statistic is the 44% increase in active inventory compared to last year, totaling 9,365 homes. This considerable jump provides buyers with plenty of options and could usher in a more balanced market.

New Pending Sales Decrease

In terms of homes going under contract, new pending sales have decreased by 6.8%, landing at 3,891 homes. This decline might suggest a hesitance in commitment from buyers, or it could be a result of the increased inventory allowing for more choice and less rush.

Market Analysis and Tips

For those looking to buy, the rise in active inventory combined with the decrease in closed and pending sales could be an invitation to explore the market more thoroughly and potentially find homes at more negotiable prices.

Sellers might need to brace for a shift, as the higher inventory and reduced sales activity could mean homes may sit on the market a little longer. However, the increase in median sale prices is a positive sign, and with the right strategy, there’s still ample opportunity to make a successful sale.


March’s real estate numbers for the Tampa – St. Petersburg – Clearwater MSA depict a market that is adapting to new conditions. Buyers may find themselves in a strong position to find the right home at the right price, while sellers can still achieve favorable outcomes with strategic pricing and marketing.

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